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Hair Straighteners.

What you should know

Hair straighteners can reach a temperature of 210°C or more – that’s as hot as a steam iron. They can take a full 40 minutes to cool completely.

When straighteners are put aside or left on the floor just after use, that’s when children are most likely to be seriously burned if they pick them up or accidentally stand on them.

Children’s skin is 15 times thinner than adults’, so any contact with hair straighteners while they’re cooling can inflict deep burns that could scar a child for life.

what you can do to help

What You can do

So. When you're done with your hair straighteners, switch them off at the wall, unplug them and put them away.

Always keep straighteners and their cable well out of the reach and sight of children.

about the Scottish Burned Children's Club

All about us

What you should know

As a charity, we’re here to give support to burn survivor children and their families as they deal with what can be the life-long physical and psychological scars of burns and scalds. Throughout the year, we run day trips, special events and visits and organise an annual summer rehabilitation camp for 8 to 18 year olds. We also take an active role in injury prevention by raising awareness of burns and scalds dangers while promoting safe practice.

SBCC, run solely by volunteers, is the only organisation of its kind in Scotland and is fundedby sponsorship and donations. We are always grateful for every contribution, large or small.

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